Key Concepts

All the key concepts that you need to understand to get the best out of BitBroker

BitBroker is made up of a series of interlocking concepts. To get the most out of BitBroker, you should understand what these concepts are and how they work together to form a complete system.

In the section, we outline these key concepts in detail.


A step-by-step introduction to the BitBroker system


Users and their roles within a BitBroker instance

Entity Types

The types of entities which are the basis of a BitBroker instance

Data Connectors

Data connectors which allow contribution of data into a BitBroker instance

The Catalog

The catalog and how it facilitates search, discovery and access

Data Sharing Policy

Create, manage and deploy data sharing policies to grant access to data

User Data Access

Managing data consumers and their associated data access tokens

Developer Portal

Create, deploy and operate a branded developer portal to manage your data user community.