Welcome to BitBroker

BitBroker is a policy-based, data sharing engine which enables you to securely share:

  • The data segments you permit
  • In ways which you allow
  • With organisations that you approve

It's a complete, end-to-end data sharing solution.

Share Your Data with Confidence

Release Data » Realise Value

Hidden within your private data are the answers to your organisations most pressing and vital problems.

There is an explosion in technologies which are able to release this latent value. There is an explosion in services offered by innovative and dyanmic groups who can apply these technologies on your behalf.

But - in order to leverage these advances, you need secure and robust ways to share your data with other groups, both inside and outside your organisation.

BitBroker faciliates data sharing on your terms - freeing up your data and allowing it to tell it's story.

Design and Deploy Flexible Policies

Using simple, browser based tools you can design Data Sharing Policies offering fine-grained controll over three axis:

  • Data Segment: What data is being shared
  • Access Control: How it can be consumed
  • Legal Context: Which uses are permitted

Deploy your policies with a few clicks and then you can leave it to BitBroker to mangage the mechanics, operation and policing on your behalf.

Data Segment

What data is being shared

  • By domain entity type
  • By entity property
  • by location or geography
  • By complex query
  • By sample size
  • Entity hiding
  • Field masking

Access Control

How it can be consumed

  • Rate limits
  • Quotas
  • Key expiry
  • Key renewals
  • IP restrictions
  • Geography restrictions
  • Domain restrictions

Legal Context

Which uses are permitted

  • Licensing
  • Attribution
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Acceptable Content
  • GDPR
  • Privacy impact statement
  • Fair Use

BitBroker is Open Source

No hard sell here. BitBroker is open source under the generous and permissive Apache 2 license. What does that mean?

  • Free to Use: No payment to use it
  • Modifications: Change it to suits your needs
  • Commerical Use: Create services using it

We encourage people to become contributors to this open source intiative. If you like what you see, why not get invovled and help make it even better.